Finishing Up

If you decide to move-on at the end of your tenancy agreement, you'll need
to give 2 weeks written notice. If for some reason you have to break your
tenancy agreement, it's a little more complicated but we can handle it.

Ending a Tenancy Agreement      

If you intend to vacate at the end of your tenancy agreement, you must give 2 weeks written Notice of Intention to Leave on the approved RTA Form 13. Please understand that this applies even if you decide to leave on the expiry date of your lease. If no notice is given, your current tenancy agreement will become what is known as a periodic agreement, and your obligations as a tenant will continue.

You would have received a copy of this form in your Tenant Information pack; however, we always have them on-hand in the office so you can drop in anytime to complete this form.

Breaking a Tenancy Agreement 

If for any reason you have to break your tenancy agreement, it’s a little more complicated, but we can handle it. Basically, we will need to find a suitable tenant to relieve you of your obligations under the existing agreement. Until this happens, you are still responsible for the rent – and you’ll be up for the reasonable fees to Fresh Rentals being equal to a Letting Commission (equivalent to one week’s rent +GST) & and advertising fee ($239). Give us a call and we'll prepare the necessary documentation.

Getting Your Bond Back      

Everyone wants their bond back… in full. The easiest way to do this is to leave the property as you found it – allowing of course for what is considered to be fair wear & tear. So, have any damage professionally repaired and make sure it’s clean – really clean. We recommend the use of a professional bond cleaner and require the use of a professional carpet cleaner. You'll need a professional flea treatment too, if you've had pets on the property.

Note: Those who contributed to the bond and signed the Bond Lodgement Form at the beginning of the tenancy must be available to sign the Refund of Bond Form at the end of the tenancy. Without the required signatures, you can expect delays of up to 3 weeks for the RTA to release your money.