Paying Rent

We do not accept cash in the Fresh Property Noosa office. It’s just not worth the
risk. There are other options though, and the best of these is EziDebit. With
EziDebit you can pay your rent by Direct Debit or with BPAY online or over
the phone. The choice is yours.

Paying Rent

Rent is payable in accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement. The particulars are listed on the front page of the agreement – how much (i.e. $300), how often (i.e. paid weekly), and just plain how (i.e. using BPAY). Rent is always due in advance.


Payment Methods

First things first: We do not accept cash in the Fresh Property Noosa office.  We do, however, accept rent in the following approved ways:

  •     Bank Cheque - Sorry, no personal cheques.
  •     Deduction from pay, pension or other benefit
  •     EziDebit - Direct Debit or BPAY

We would prefer you pay your rent through EziDebit, as they offer both Direct Debit & BPAY facilities. Charges do apply depending on the service you choose, but generally it is $1.50 per transaction. The choice is yours.

Not Paying Rent

If you pay your rent on-time and in advance, the following will not apply to you; however, we would like to explain… At Fresh Property Noosa we do things by-the-book. This applies to our dealings with Tenants and Landlords alike. Current legislation obliges us to follow strict procedures when it comes to rent arrears, and we do. That’s not to say we don’t understand that there can be extenuating circumstances, so if you are going to be late with your rent, please let us know. If we don’t know, there’s no way for us to help.