It’s true. We provide the same service as our competitors, but that’s where
the similarities end. At Fresh Property Noosa, our comprehensive property
management service includes everything you’d expect… and then some. 



When the time comes, we’ll advertise your property 24/7 online on 7 different websites:;, &

We have found that online advertising is the most effective way to reach prospective tenants; however, we also use Fresh Property Noosa For Rent signs, placed outside your property, line or block ads in the classifieds section of the local newspaper, our Fresh Friends campaign, and we produce a Vacancy List, which is kept current and made available for collection from our office.

Note: The only advertising charge incurred with Fresh is for internet advertising. Advertising by other forms are a FREE service by Fresh.


 Tenant Selection 

We rely on our tenants – both as Investors and as Agents. Without tenants there’s no rent for you and no commission for us! So at Fresh Property Noosa you can be sure your tenants are always treated with respect.

When it comes to Tenant Selection, you can be sure that when we recommend a tenant to you, we’re recommending someone you can rely on – someone we consider to be a quality tenant.

 How do we make that call?     

Like most of our competition, once an application is received, we qualify each candidate. We do this firstly, by making sure they are, in fact, who they say they are and that they are not listed on TICA – a national database recording defaulting tenants. We then determine whether or not they can pay the rent by confirming their current employment situation, and we make sure they’re likely to take good care of your property by checking their past rental and personal references.

Unlike most of our competition, we take the time to talk to every prospective tenant. This informal interview gives us a better idea of whether or not they are the kind of tenant we’d be happy to recommend to you. We’ve been doing this a long time and this little thing – this little chat – really makes a big difference in selecting the right tenant for your property... We always try to meet everyone involved, including the dog!


 Outside the Square     

It’s also worth noting that at Fresh Property Noosa, we realise there are situations where very good prospective tenants may be unable to submit an ideal application. For example, an applicant who has recently sold his/her home would be unable to provide a past rental reference. We can work around this – we’re happy to – to make sure that we find the best tenant for your property. In that particular situation we would contact the sales agent for a reference with regard to how the applicant might care for your property. We can work outside the square, and still be thorough.

We want what you want – a good tenant. It’s as simple as that.

 Document Preparation   

Once an applicant has been approved for tenancy we will prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement, a detailed Entry Condition Report – which includes digital photographs and an Inventory of items provided for tenant use – and the Bond Lodgement Form. We will not consider the property tenanted until the lease has been signed and the bond collected.

Note: Any keys & remotes that are to be issued to the tenants will be photocopied and kept on file, which eliminates disputes over non-returned keys at the end of the tenancy.

 Rent Collection & Arrears Management

Rent is payable in advance. At the beginning of each tenancy we will hold the keys to your property until your tenant has paid the first two weeks’ rent. After this we are, by law, unable to request a payment until the rent has actually come due. We do, however, take every precaution to minimise rent arrears.

On signing the lease every tenant is made aware of our Rent Arrears procedure, and we check every tenant’s status every single day. No matter the tenant’s reason for late payments, notices will be issued in accordance with the law. Our primary focus is to ensure we mitigate any loss of income to you. Of course, our careful tenant selection is very effective in minimising arrears.


We will thoroughly inspect your property prior to a tenant taking possession, regularly throughout the tenancy, and as soon as your tenant has vacated the premises. After each inspection you will receive a full written report. Of course, if you are in the area, you are more than welcome to attend any of these inspections.


As the Landlord and the Agent, we both have a Duty of Care to the tenant: a moral and legal obligation to protect the tenant in so far as ensuring that your property is well-maintained and safe for the tenant to live in. That said, we are happy to organise all maintenance on your behalf and will always act in accordance with your instructions. We generally ask that you authorise a $500 expenditure limit to save us having to worry you with what are usually minor repairs.

Our preferred contractors are local men and women whom we have found to do quality work at a fair price. They are licensed and carry public liability insurance to protect you and your investment. And, all maintenance work is guaranteed. If, for some reason, we are not satisfied with the quality of the work, we will send the contractor back to rectify the problem immediately.

It is important to note that the neglect of what may seem like minor repairs often leads to major ones – which are generally more costly! Poor maintenance can also result in the loss of a good tenant – which can be costly too! We will ensure that problems are rectified quickly and at a competitive price.

Note: By law, a tenant has the right to arrange emergency repairs to the value of two weeks’ rent; however, we ask that our tenants contact us immediately in an emergency situation so we can handle the situation for them and on your behalf. All tenants are provided with our mobile numbers for this purpose.

 Lease Renewals & Rent Increases

We understand the importance of rental returns and we’re always watching the rental market. It is our business after all. We will automatically review the rent when negotiating a Lease Renewal and also when a tenant vacates.  At a minimum, we will review the rent once per year to keep you in line with current market trends.

 Account Management     

We are happy to organise the payment of all accounts relating to your property – Council Rates, Unitywater Accounts, Body Corporate Fees, Landlord Protection Insurance, and of course any maintenance accounts, as well as any others that may arise.

If you are entitled to a discount for timely payment, and we receive the account before the expiry date, we will make sure you receive your discount.


As Investors ourselves, we understand the value in receiving your funds when you want them, and we’re happy to transfer your funds as we receive them – weekly, fortnightly or monthly, at month-end or on a regular date nominated by you – and at no extra charge. We will provide you with a detailed statement of your account at the end of each calendar month and one at the end of each financial year, which will summarise all income and expenditure relating to your property.

We will provide you with – hands-down – the best Property Management service in Noosa, every single day.